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About AIM

Company Profile

  • Text about your company and the opportunities and benefits they have on our website.
  • Structured sections on your page for individuals to learn about your company.
  • One to one phone support for applicants interested in applying.
  • Your company promoted at every career fair, presentation, one to one session and workshop carried out by AIM with over 1600 schools nationwide.
  • Unlimited vacancies on the wesbite.
  • Assisting candidates through the application process to ensure quality applications are received.
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Apprenticeships 'Workbook'

  • Promote your apprenticeship scheme in our apprenticeship workbook.
  • Going directly to 400,000 students and parents nationwide.
  • Our workbook will be used in all sessions carried out in schools nationwide.
  • Advertising packages to suit all sizes of companies.
  • Online version provided to download.
  • Workbook is provided to help inform and support young people in their career choices.
  • Compact workbook,  not just an advertising booklet. 
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Presentation Sponsor

  • One slide on our presentation promoted to over 400,000 students nationwide in all presentations we carry out
  • Presentation is accessible for all teachers and career advisors to download
  • 12 month advertising period
  • Slide designed by your company
  • You will receive monthly updates from AIM with our school visits allowing you track where your scheme is being marketed.
  • Both local opportunities and national.
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