Sports, Coaching & Fitness Apprenticeships

There's no denying that sport is an interesting and exciting sector to start a career in! The UK has produced some of the world's finest athletes and sportspeople. 

There are many paths that one can follow while going on a sports apprenticeship. Some typical examples are as follows:

Sports Coaching Apprenticeships

Did you know there are over one million sports coaches located across the UK? They work in a variety of settings such as schools, youth clubs and leisure centres. Because sport is such a popular pastime in Britain, the demand for sports coaches has risen.

There are sports apprenticeships in London and other parts of the UK available all the time. As a sports coach apprentice, you will get to work with people in your community. You will also have the chance to work with regional clubs and groups.

Upon completion of your apprenticeship, you could get a job as a:

●Football Coach;

●Diving Coach;

●Swimming Coach;

●Tennis Coach; and

●School and Community Sports Coach.

There's no denying that Britain will continue to foster many rising sports stars. All that's needed are some qualified sports coaches to help them realise their potential!

Football Apprenticeships

It's no secret that football is the nation's favourite sports game! Some of the world's leading footballers hail from the UK and become international stars. If you love playing football, you might also have a natural talent for it.

If that's the case, you should consider embarking on a football apprenticeship! As part of your training, you'll learn the best techniques and skills from the pros. You'll get to action tried and tested formulas in footballing. And you'll have expert direction from seasoned footballers and coaches.

More of our rising football stars go on apprenticeships and often get scouted by big name teams. Do you want to become a successful footballer? If so, there's no better option than to go on a football apprenticeship!

Fitness Instructor Apprenticeships

More of us realise the many benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle. One way to achieve that goal is by calorie counting and avoiding the wrong kinds of foods. Another, of course, is to have the right fitness regime.

The trouble with keeping fit is that some people aren't aware of the best ways of doing so. The good news is that a fitness instructor will show them how to exercise and keep fit without injury! If you enjoy working with people, a fitness instructor apprenticeship is for you!

Working with trained staff, you will learn how to work with people from all backgrounds. It's important that each person has a regime that suits their needs and goals. That's because there isn't a one size fits all solution for exercise.

You could get to work with people in gyms, leisure centres and even local schools and colleges.

Once you complete your apprenticeship, you can become a full-time fitness instructor. You'll also have the chance to work towards other industry qualifications. You could then work for businesses in the leisure industry. Or you could become a self-employed fitness instructor or personal trainer.


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