Sales And Marketing Apprenticeships

There's no denying that sales are an important function of any business. Without it, companies would not be able to make any money! As you can imagine, it takes the right talent to be a successful salesperson. This is why it's a sector where its workers often command higher salaries than their managers! 

Sales is very much a results-driven industry. It's crucial for employees of a company to meet selling targets and deadlines. That way, the business can grow and so too can the earnings of its staff. The basic function of a salesperson is to match products and services with the needs of customers.

Marketing differs from sales. Marketers must identify an audience for salespeople to target. Their job is to find a group of people that are most likely to buy a product or service. They must then convince those people that the things they sell are what they need to buy.

Sales and marketing are two sectors worth billions in the UK each year. They have hundreds of thousands of people working in those industries. It's also worth noting they are sectors that grow each year. Do you want to forge a new career in a fast-paced and exciting environment? If so, sales and marketing are two options to consider.

Sales Apprenticeships

When you embark on a sales apprenticeship, you'll get the chance to work in all kinds of sectors. If you want a customer-facing role, you could work as a sales advisor in a retail store. If you prefer working in an office environment, a telesales job might be a better bet.

Regardless of the role you choose, one thing's for certain. You will spend your time building relationships and overcoming challenges each day! People in sales will tell you they get such an adrenaline rush as part of their work each day!

As a sales apprentice, you'll learn some crucial communications and customer service skills. You'll also find out how to help your customers meet their needs with your products and services. For instance, in car sales apprenticeships you would learn which types of vehicles suit your customers the most.

Salespeople are professionals and possess many qualities and flairs useful for their work. After you finish your apprenticeship, you could become a full-time sales advisor. You can then progress up the ranks to a supervisory or management role.

Marketing Apprenticeships

Are you more interested in finding people that may want what you sell rather than being a salesperson? If so, you ought to consider applying for a marketing apprenticeship.

Marketing is a creative and diverse industry that comprises many niche sectors. For example, you've got:

Direct Marketing Apprenticeships.

This is where you communicate direct with consumers using a variety of methods. For instance, this might be through email, postal letters or telephone calls;

Market Research Apprenticeships.

Here you will spend your time gathering and analysing information on your customers. You'll also research your employer's competitors and the market in general;

Public Relations (PR) Apprenticeships.

Your job as a PR professional is to maintain the public image of your product, service or company.

Digital Marketing Apprenticeships.

Your job will be working with a company website, online advertising, social media, email marketing to raise awareness, communicate products and boost business enquiries or online sales.

Roles that you could progress to include marketing executive, advertising assistant and PR officer.


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