Retail & Commercial Apprenticeships

The UK retail industry employs around three billion people each year. It's a sector worth over £300 billion and is one that contributes a lot to the economy. Even though most of us buy things online, the retail industry is still big. That's because it's had to evolve with the growth of online shopping.

Many of Britain's top name retailers sell on the web as well as through high street stores. There is a growing trend for more retailers to follow such a multi-channel approach. Because of that trend, the industry is crying out for more skilled workers in various fields. Sales staff, in particular, are a desirable asset within the retail industry.

Retail Apprenticeships

The retail industry covers a plethora of areas. Traditional examples include concession stores and owned high street stores. But, it also covers independent shops through to national superstores.

There's also the fact that retail covers the sales of any physical goods or services. Retailers could sell anything from clothes through to tyres. If you want to enjoy a career in a customer-facing role, retail is a classic way to do so. It's also a practical choice for those that wish to learn more about how a business operates.

One of the best entry routes into the retail industry is through a retail apprenticeship. Because the sector is so vast, there are thousands of opportunities for young people. The work that you do through your retail apprenticeship will depend on your employer.

For example, you could spend most of your time assisting customers on the shop floor. Or you may get trained as a product expert to help people with specific enquiries.

If you've got an artistic and creative side, you might even do visual merchandising work. This is where you get to "dress up" window displays to encourage the public to enter the store and buy things.

Other areas of work include stock management and control. For instance, in warehouse apprenticeships you could get tasked with dealing with stock enquiries and allocations.

The retail industry is growing at a tremendous rate, and it's a sector that is full of opportunities. Once you complete your apprenticeship, you could go on to become a sales assistant or a style advisor.

Retail Management Apprenticeships

Want to learn more about the management aspects of the industry? If so, you might wish to embark on a retail management apprenticeship!

What you may not realise is that firms often use apprentices to seek future management talent. If you have the right skills and qualities, you could see yourself working in a management role! Those that do well as retail management apprentices are more likely to get hired as managers.

With the current level of growth in the industry, over 400,000 new management roles will open up. As you can imagine, it's crucial to find the right people to fill those positions. Apprenticeships are often regarded as the best way for businesses to scout for talent.

Examples of the roles you could pursue include retail supervisor and department manager.

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