Hospitality, Leisure, Travel & Tourism Apprenticeships

One of the reasons people love leisure, travel and tourism jobs is the opportunity. They get to experience many things in the world some of us can only dream about! For instance, there are several opportunities to work abroad in all kinds of settings. Plus, they are industries where one really can enjoy their job and have fun as they earn!

The money is quite good too. Did you know qualified apprentices enjoy starting salaries of £10,000 and £30,000 a year? Plus, those on an apprenticeship scheme earn up to £350 a week.

Leisure Apprenticeships

In the UK alone, the leisure industry is worth an estimated £200 billion a year. As you can appreciate, the sector has a variety of skilled people working across many niches. If you would love to be one of those people, becoming a leisure apprentice is for you. With leisure apprenticeships in London and beyond, you're bound to find schemes near you.

Some of the places where you could work as a leisure apprentice include:

●Leisure Centres;

●Sports Clubs;

●Caravan Sites;

●Holiday Parks; and

●Gyms and other recreational centres.

There is a whole host of opportunities within the leisure industry. You could even take up football apprenticeships or personal trainer apprenticeships! Once you complete your apprenticeship, you could get a job as a:

●Park Operative;



●Recreation and Leisure Attendant.

Other opportunities include lifeguard, fitness instructor, and site manager. There's no denying one can progress to many different roles within the industry.

Travel Apprenticeships

The travel industry is perhaps one of the most sought-after in Britain for jobs. It's a sector that encompasses a variety of roles working across hundreds of niches.

Take travel services as an example. While many people plan their own itineraries, most prefer to work with a travel agent. Helping people plan memorable trips and holidays is an exciting prospect. You'll meet all kinds of people each day, and no two days are ever the same.

You could work within the leisure and business sector, working for travel agencies. You could even work with tour operators. Some companies also operate as specialist tour operators. For example, you could work for a firm that organises safari trips in Africa.

Going on a travel apprenticeship is both a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

Tourism Apprenticeships

The travel industry doesn't just stop with travel agency and tour operator work. It extends to other areas such as tourism. As a tourism apprentice, you could get to work with some major brands through the world. Not just in the UK!

For instance, you could seek an opportunity to work as a cabin crew apprentice for an airline. If you wanted to stay on land, you could get a tour guide apprenticeship in a popular location.

Tourism apprenticeships offer all kinds of unique opportunities to explore the world. As a tourism apprentice, you will learn valuable skills. Examples include customer service and cultural awareness. You'll also expand your knowledge of the world and the customs of each country.

If you want to work in the travel industry, tourism is a great place to start.

Whether you are looking for an apprenticeship in London, Oxfordshire, The West Midlands, Birmingham, Yorkshire or the rest of England, careers in the leisure, travel and tourism industries can be varied, rewarding and exciting.

Hospitality Appreniceships

The Hospitality industry is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide and with more opportunites being created every day to progress in to an exciting and energetic industry.

There are some fantastic opportunites in this sector. From jetting off around the world as a holiday rep or cabin crew to feeling the buzz of working in a busy kitchen.

There are often long, antisocial hours, you might be away from home for long stretches and, of course, you may be doing your job while other people are enjoying themselves. But the work is varied and interesting and offers a different lifestyle from the 9 to 5 crowd, which suits many people.

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