Information & Communication Technology Apprenticeships

One thing that we all depend on each day is IT. Whether at home or in the workplace, we all use Information Technology. IT is a fast-paced and diverse industry that comprises scores of different sectors. Anyone with an interest in technology will enjoy forging a career within the IT industry.

There are many things you can learn by going on an IT or communications apprenticeship. Here's a small selection of the vast choice of niches open to you:

IT Programming Apprenticeships

All computers and gadgets use some kind of software to control how they work. The world of computer programming is fascinating. In fact, there's a drive for development to get taught more at schools from an early age!

We are often fascinated by the way things work. An IT programming apprenticeship will teach you about the link between software and hardware. You will learn how software can control and shape the things we do each day.

Computer software gets written in many different "languages" like C# and Java. You might not think it, but even things like your Blu-Ray player at home uses computer software! When you complete your IT programming apprenticeship, you can then seek development jobs.

Web Design Apprenticeships

There are over a billion websites online nowadays. They all got set up using a variety of different Web technologies. Some sites may use content management systems. Others may have got built using point and click solutions.

But, have you ever wondered what powers a website in the background? Aside from the physical server hardware, a lot of Web programming code gets used. Some of the languages used are HTML, CSS, and PHP.

As a web design apprentice, you will learn how to use all the latest technologies to design sites. You'll also get taught techniques like building responsive designs that work on mobile devices. And your employer will also teach you things like good development practices.

You may also get taught about graphic design and wireframing strategies for websites. This is crucial to the planning stage of any website.

Web design is a market that has exploded in the past 15 years. And it's a trend that is set to continue. The evolution of the industry means that companies are desperately seeking skilled web designers. Upon completion of your apprenticeship, you can follow one of many different paths.

For example, you could work for a design agency or become self-employed. You can even work in-house for a large organisation.

Computer Apprenticeships

Are you interested in the technical and hardware side of IT? If so, you ought to consider a computer apprenticeship. There are several different aspects to IT. So, it's worth thinking about which one interests you the most.

For example, you could embark on a technical support apprenticeship. Here, you will learn all about fixing and maintaining PCs, laptops and other computers. A networking apprenticeship will teach you more about the communications side of IT. For example, you could learn about cabling infrastructures and network topologies.

Whether you are looking for an apprenticeship in London, Oxfordshire, The West Midlands, Birmingham, Yorkshire or the rest of England, a career in the IT and web design industries can be challenging, rewarding and well rewarded to those with ambition.

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