Hair and Beauty Apprenticeships

The hair and beauty industries are worth more than £6.2 billion combined. Over 245,000 people get employed within the two industries, with 86% in England.

Both industries are no longer considered traditional. They have evolved to include services such as laser hair removal and electronic facials. Forging careers in those industries makes it easy not just to get a job in the UK, but abroad too. Around 21% of all hair and beauty salons in Britain are crying out for more skilled staff.

Apprenticeships in the hair and beauty industries are a good career choice for many people.

Hairdressing Apprenticeships

Starting a hairdressing apprenticeship will give you a strong foundation to launch your career. An apprentice gets to learn the basics of hairdressing and will work as a Salon Junior.

When you start a hairdressing apprenticeship, you'll train to become a Junior Stylist. Your work will entail assisting senior staff to gain valuable hands-on knowledge.

In a nutshell, hairdressing involves shampooing, conditioning and drying each client's hair. Other tasks include stylish hair, and mixing and applying hair colouring. All salon staff will carry out other duties such as booking appointments for clients.

Those who embark on barbering apprenticeships will also get involved with male facial grooming. Shaving and styling beards will also be a core part of your work.

In general, hairdressing apprentices can study topics like hair and skin testing. They will also learn how certain chemicals used in the industry affect people's hair and skin.

Other topics taught include the basics of hair colour selection. There's also the opportunity to learn how to style different types of hair. Apprentices will also learn how to use and promote different types of hair care products. Advanced apprenticeships allow people to also learn how to apply the latest fashion techniques. This enables them to use their advanced cutting and styling skills in real-world scenarios.

There are hairdressing apprenticeships in London, Manchester and other parts of the United Kingdom.

Beauty Therapy Apprenticeships

Looking good is something that almost everyone strives for each day. The job of a beauty therapist is to help people achieve that goal. Beauty therapy is a growing industry and working in it is both rewarding and satisfying.

Many beauty therapists work in a salon while others may offer mobile services to clients. Beauty therapy covers a broad range of treatments. These range from simple facials right through to waxing and make-up work. Beauty therapy is such a growing sector that there is currently a shortage of skilled workers.

Do you enjoy pampering people and have a natural flair for using beauty products? If so, a beauty therapy apprenticeship is for you! Beauty apprenticeships in London and other major towns and cities are within easy reach.

As a beauty therapy apprentice, you will spend your time working with senior therapists. Doing so will enable you to learn all kinds of skills and techniques. For example, you will learn how to improve a client's facial skin.

Other things you will learn include how to wax body hair, and how to spray tan. Beauty therapy apprentices will also get to shape and colour brows and apply make-up. Many apprentices will get shown how to perform hand and foot treatments to clients.

Whether you are looking for an apprenticeship in London, Oxfordshire, The West Midlands, Birmingham, Yorkshire or the rest of England, a career in hair and beauty is both challenging and rewarding.

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