Education, Teaching & Training Apprenticeships

Some people assume that education only happens in the classroom. Of course, that isn't the case at all. Did you know a significant part of the education industry gets based outside of the classroom? The industry includes working with people and groups of all ages.

Education also includes the training sector. This is where people get taught all kinds of skills, whatever their age or needs. The skills they learn might be in an educational setting. Or they could get taught at their workplace, for instance.

The industry covers people that teach in other settings. For example, some trainers might teach on a one-to-one basis. While others may do so as part of a course. Here are examples of the different types of education and teaching apprenticeships on offer:

Learning And Development Apprenticeships

Are you keen to work in an area where training and development get offered in the workplace? If so, you might wish to consider a learning and development apprenticeship.

The training and development of people in the workplace is a growing field. It's a sector where jobs are in demand for skilled trainers to offer teaching services. As a learning and development apprentice, you will learn how to deliver training programmes. Your employer will help you to do so both to individuals and groups of people.

Once you complete your apprenticeship, you could get a job working for a training firm. You might even find work as an in-house trainer for a particular organisation.

Teaching Support Apprenticeships

Do you prefer working in a traditional school classroom environment? If so, a teaching support apprenticeship is for you! Here, you will learn how to support teachers and work with groups of children and other people.

A teaching support apprentice will work under the close supervision of a teacher. The work you will do will depend on how the teacher in question plans their lessons. In a typical apprenticeship, you will learn:

●How to supervise arts and crafts activities;

●How to organise and arrange field trips for children; and

●How to read out to the class.

The more advanced apprenticeships will offer extra responsibilities like planning and carrying out lessons. There are many teaching support apprenticeship opportunities. Some of the most common ones include:

●Teaching Assistant Apprenticeships;

●Classroom Assistant Apprenticeships; and

●Learning Support Apprenticeships.

Children And Young People's Workforce Apprenticeships

It's important for all children to get the right education as they grow. This gives them the building blocks for establishing successful careers as an adult. It also teaches them important life skills they can use in many different scenarios.

Apprenticeships where individuals work with kids and young people are highly sought-after. There is a huge demand for trained and skilled professionals that know how to work with young people.

The job of each apprentice is to ensure children get looked after and are happy and nourished. They must also help kids grow their social and practical skills.

There are many childcare apprenticeship opportunities available today; look at our apprenticeships opportunities in London, Oxfordshire, Yorkshire and other parts of England.

When those apprenticeships finish, people could go on to become childcare or nursery workers.

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