Construction, Building & Plumbing Apprenticeships

Building even a small home is quite an involved project. From an architect's first sketches to painting and decorating. There is plenty of work needed to complete any building project. What's more, it's important that each construction gets connected to utility supplies like water.

Construction projects can also take the form of large, sprawling commercial buildings and complexes. And let's not forget the industrial building projects that also get constructed too. As you can imagine, there is a high demand for skilled construction and building workers. There's also a growing need for trained and qualified plumbers as well.

There are many niches within construction, building and plumbing where you can start apprenticeships.

Construction Apprenticeships

The construction industry comprises many skilled staff. There is always a huge demand for workers, and that trend is set to continue. As the population grows, more new homes need to get built in Britain. There is also a need for more commercial and industrial buildings too, as the economy grows.

So, what areas could you get an apprenticeship in? Here are some of the common paths young people take to start their construction careers:

Construction Companies Apprenticeships - the best way to learn about the industry as a whole;

Bricklaying Apprenticeships - you will learn how to build walls, tunnel linings and decorative stonework;

Roofing Apprenticeships - construction of pitched and flat roofs of varying sizes;

Welding Apprenticeships - you'll learn how to cut, shape and join metal plates and pipes.

Building Apprenticeships

Once a building gets constructed, other work must get carried out to complete it. The building industry comprises a plethora of skilled trades. As with construction, skilled building tradesmen are in high demand. There are many job opportunities in the building industry. And more openings will become available in the future.

The building industry is one that demands a lot of physical work and sometimes long working hours. But, it's a rewarding industry in many ways. And you'll never have a problem using your skills to get a job. Some of the building apprenticeships on offer include:

Plastering Apprenticeships - the application of render to walls and ceilings;

Electrician Apprenticeships - the addition of safe electrical wiring infrastructure to properties;

Carpentry Apprenticeships - installation of wooden fixtures and fittings;

Tiling Apprenticeships - application of tiles to walls, floors and ceilings.

Plumbing Apprenticeships

It's no secret that the plumbing is a crucial part of the UK's construction industry. A competitive sector, the plumbing industry employs skilled technicians that work on many projects. From domestic boilers to computerised heating systems. Plumbers work for both domestic and commercial clients in an array of settings.

As a plumbing apprentice, you'll get taught how to install and maintain plumbing systems. Because you'll work under minimal supervision, you'll have the chance to impress future employers.

Plumbing apprenticeships cover a wide range of areas, such as:

●Hot and cold water systems;

●Central heating (gas and oil-powered boilers and radiators);

●Sanitation systems;

●Gas-fired warm air appliances;

●Air conditioning and ventilation units;

●Domestic repairs and installations (showers, washing machines).

A plumbing apprenticeship can last up to four years. This depends on the employer and the skills getting taught.


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