Arts, Media & Publishing Apprenticeships

It's a well-known fact that apprenticeships are a practical way to break into media, publishing and the arts. And it's also a good way to get started with a career in carpentry.

Apprenticeship opportunities are on the rise in the UK. If you want to get started in a new career, they are the way forward. In essence, you earn money while learning a new trade. So, what can you expect from media, arts and carpentry careers?

Well, as you might imagine, the world is both involved and rewarding. Once you complete your apprenticeships, you'll have the power to further your career. Here is a brief insight into those three industries:

Media and Art Apprenticeships

Perhaps one of the most famous art apprentices of all was Leonardo da Vinci. Did you know he spent more than six years as an art apprentice? The result? He created some of the world's most talked-about masterpieces.

There are many art and design apprenticeships that you can join. The arts cover a plethora of sectors from film to fashion, and music to magazines. To get started, you'll need a passion for the arts and a flair for a creative subject.

Some of the apprenticeships you could join and the jobs they lead to include:

Creative Media Apprenticeships 

Typical roles include Production Runner, Junior Designer, User Experience Coordinator:

●When you go on a creative and digital media apprenticeship, you'll learn all kinds of skills;

●Part of your job will be to learn the end-to-end production cycle related to your chosen field;

●You might learn all aspects of audio, film and digital production. You'll also get exposure to working in a variety of different formats, such as a live studio.

Digital Media Apprenticeships 

Digital Media Apprenticeship roles include Web Coordinator, Digital Assistant, Junior Interactive Product Developer:

●You and your employer can tailor your apprenticeship so you can specialise in more or more fields;

●Internet technologies will play a huge part in the new skills that you’ll learn;

●You’ll get to use cutting-edge tools to learn your chosen trade.

Publishing Apprenticeships

Publishing apprenticeship apprenticeship lead to roles such as Design Assistant, Junior Art Worker, Junior Graphic Designer:

●There is a rising demand for skilled people to work in the publishing industry;

●Graphic design is a skill that you can apply to both printed and digital media;

●You could use your new skills in other roles, such as those in the photography industry.

Carpentry Apprenticeships

Do you have an interest in the construction industry? Would you like to become a wood specialist, working on all kinds of exciting projects? If so, you should consider going on a carpentry apprenticeship.

Qualified carpenters can get jobs working in the housing market or industrial construction. You'll learn all kinds of useful skills such as machining and formwork. Once you finish your apprenticeship, you could work in construction or become self-employed.

A carpentry apprenticeship can last anywhere between one to four years. This, of course, depends on the employer and the skills getting taught. For intermediate apprenticeships, you only need good GCSE grades (A to C). And, of course, you must display a passion for the industry.

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