Agriculture, Horticulture & Animal Care Apprenticeships

Agriculture, horticulture and animal care are brilliant career choices. Almost one million young people choose to join apprenticeships in those sectors. That's because they lead to roles that are in high demand in the UK and beyond.

Some people have misconceptions about those sectors. The truth is they are all unfounded. Working in those industries isn't just about wearing Wellies and working unsociable hours. It's about working in industries that are at the forefront of technology. Ones that give you valuable life skills and rewarding experiences.

Because those skills are in high demand, there are many opportunities available to people. So, what can you expect working in those sectors by earning as you learn?

Farming Apprenticeships

There's no denying that agriculture is a growing and significant industry. It's vibrant, diverse and perfect for people that don't want to end up doing a desk job. Agricultural apprenticeships are ideal for those that wish to work in the great outdoors.

Some of the things you could end up doing include:

●Tending to livestock and crops;

●Working with large machinery;

●Managing acres of land.

In fact, there's something out there for everyone! A farming apprenticeship can also lead to other roles. For example, you could become a skilled technician or even work in management. Here are some examples of the apprenticeship roles you can get:

●Farm Worker;

●Tractor Driver;

●Agriculture Machinery Operator;

●Livestock Technician;

●Hatchery Supervisor;

●Unit Manager;

●Farm Manager.

Horticulture Apprenticeships

Do you relish the prospect of working in the outdoors? Are you a keen gardening fan? If so, getting a horticulture apprenticeship is for you!

The sector covers a wide range of niches. For instance, you could forge a career in plant cultivation, landscaping, groundskeeping, or floristry. It's a good way of learning more about nature and the environment around us, while earning a living.

There are two types of horticulture apprenticeships that you can get: amenity and production.

Amenity horticulture covers landscaping. This includes roles where you would plan, create and maintain rural and urban landscapes. You would typically work with residential and commercial clients.

Production Horticulture relates to the large-scale production of plants for food and ornamental purposes. Examples include fruits, vegetables, plants and herbs.

Horticulture job examples include:



●Nursery Worker;

●Garden Designer;

●Parks Officer.

Animal Care Apprenticeships

Thousands of people each year decide to build their careers in animal care. It's one of the most rewarding career choices anyone can take. And it's perfect if you love working with animals of all shapes and sizes.

The animal care industry offers a variety of fulfilling career paths for young apprentices. Animal apprenticeships can lead to permanent roles working for places like the RSPCA. Other examples of employers in the industry include zoos, wildlife parks and kennels.

As an animal care apprentice, you could find yourself working in a variety of settings. For instance, you could be training guide dogs. Or you could find yourself looking after exotic pets.

Some of the animal care industry roles open to you include:

●Animal Groomer;

●Dog Handler;

●Zoo Keeper;

●Animal Management Technician.

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