Apprenticeships in London

When people want to start an exciting new career, many will consider doing so in London. Our capital city is a bustling hive of activity, and home to some of the world's largest companies. More than 414,000 people work in the City of London alone and contribute almost 75% of the UK's GDP.

Of course, many other areas in and around London are also major employers. London is also host to a plethora of apprenticeship opportunities. So, what kind of jobs can you expect to get in the city? Here's a brief synopsis of the kinds of opportunities you can take advantage of:

Banking Apprenticeships in London

The City of London is the UK's financial powerhouse. More than half the people working in this section of greater London work in banking. They get employed in fields such as financial intermediation, accountancy, and insurance.

Some of the biggest employers in the City of London include Goldman Sachs and Barclays. Many banking apprentices work in locations such as King William Street.

Law Apprenticeships in London

You might not think it, but in the City of London alone over 40,000 people work in the legal industry. Law firms like Linklaters are one of the major employers that take on law apprentices.

As a law apprentice in London, you will get to work on things like:

●Criminal prosecution cases;

●Civil litigation;

●Employment law; and


16-24 Fashion Apprenticeships in London

The fashion world has many creative hubs like Paris, Milan and New York. But one of the oldest and most prominent locations to learn about fashion is in London.

Many of the city's leading fashion brands and designers work in the Knightsbridge area. Others are in places like Chelsea and Kensington. Each year, the city plays host to the world-famous London Fashion Week.

There are many exciting 16-24 fashion apprenticeship opportunities available in London. You'll learn all kinds of creative textile and apparel skills as a fashion apprentice.

Interior Design Apprenticeships in London

Creative industries in the UK are worth around £71 billion. Interior design plays a large part in this growing market, and it's most popular in London.

The city is one of the world's most influential places when it comes to interior design. As an apprentice, you will learn from the best in the business.

Business Apprenticeships in London

The UK's capital city provides much of the expertise needed for a growing economy. Many people embark on business apprenticeships to learn more about business development and enterprise.

Typical roles that get covered include marketing, product and financial planning, and sales. Hundreds of leading global companies have bases in London. This makes the city a perfect place to learn about the various aspects of a business.

Photography Apprenticeships in London

One of the notable things about London is the fact that it's a vibrant and cultured city. There are plenty of things to photograph in such a vast area. Are you're looking for a creative career? One where no two days are ever the same? If so, you should consider going on a photography apprenticeship in London!

You'll learn how to work with different camera and computer technologies. You'll also get to take photos of different things from people to products and buildings.

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