Apprenticeships in West Midlands & Birmingham

There's no denying that Birmingham and the West Midlands are key economic areas in the UK. They helped to spur the industrial revolution back in the 19th century. Nowadays, the Midlands has reinvented itself into a vibrant centre of arts and creativity.

For example, the Custard Factory in Birmingham is home to many creative businesses. The Midlands is also famous for other things today as well. Take the automotive sector. Leading brands like Jaguar and Aston Martin all employ many people in the Midlands.

One of the best parts of the UK to embark on an apprenticeship is, without a doubt, the Midlands. It's the heart of England and offers young people a raft of opportunities.

Apprenticeships in Birmingham

The UK's "second city" is one of Europe's top 15 cities for commerce. Around 31,000 companies call the city home, and over 300 international firms have a base here.

Birmingham builds on its industrial past and now sports a wealth of industries. These range from manufacturing through to arts, crafts and IT. Some of the world's leading companies such as Fujitsu and Jaguar Land Rover are in the city.

There are plenty of apprenticeship opportunities across a vast range of sectors in Birmingham. Plus, the city has excellent transport links with the rest of the UK. That makes it an accessible proposition for anyone in the Midlands and beyond!

Apprenticeships in Dudley

The heart of the Black Country, Dudley is an important and historic town. Apprenticeship opportunities include:

●Manufacturing apprenticeships

●Retail apprenticeships

●Finance apprenticeships.

Retail apprenticeships can often get found in the Merry Hill Shopping Centre. Some of the UK's leading department stores feature in there. Tourism is also an important sector for the town of Dudley. Thousands visit places like the Black Country Living Museum and the canals annually.

Apprenticeships in Coventry

The city of Coventry is the 10th largest in England. With close links to Birmingham and other parts of the Midlands, it's home to a range of big name firms.

For example, automotive brand Jaguar Land Rover has its headquarters in the city. Other industries key to the city include aerospace, telecommunications and agricultural machinery.

Coventry is also home to a raft of creative businesses. As such, young people can get apprenticeships in the city in all kinds of sectors.

Solihull Apprenticeships

One of the most prosperous towns in the Midlands is Solihull. Located just eight miles from Birmingham, the town has good transport links with the rest of the UK.

Many boutique retail establishments and department stores exist in Solihull. That means there are plenty of retail apprenticeship opportunities. The Birmingham NEC is also in Solihull and is a major employer in the area.

Apprenticeships in Wolverhampton

Once a part of Staffordshire, the city of Wolverhampton became a major industrial area. The largest employer is the city council. Other large employers, and the types of apprenticeships offered, include:

●Birmingham Midshires (banking apprenticeships);

●Tarmac and Carillion (construction apprenticeships);

●Goodrich Actuation Systems (aerospace apprenticeships);

●House of Fraser (retail apprenticeships);

●New Cross Hospital (nursing and medical apprenticeships).

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