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Brief Summary 

QA is UK’s leading Tech, Digital and IT Apprenticeships provider. We deliver programs suitable for a wide range of candidates; whether you’re the next tech wizard or an innovative digital marketer or you want to enter the world of cyber security. We are an award winning apprenticeship provider, allowing individuals to expand their skillset and gain industry-relevant qualifications.

QA are with apprentices every step of the way, from picking an apprenticeship, matching them with the perfect employer, their first day, through to celebrating their success.



5 Reasons to Remember QA

  • 1)We were the first IT apprenticeships business rated Ofsted Outstanding
  • 2)100% of QA apprentices have jobs from day one of their apprenticeship programme
  • 3)92% of QA apprentices secure permanent employment after completing; this is 20% higher than the national average
  • 4)We draw on our 30 year heritage in IT training to craft apprenticeships that deliver job-specific skills
  • 5)We set the standards in learner support, In fact, 99% of our learners mark us as either good or excellent. The result? More QA Apprentices pass their programme and our withdrawal rates are low


A New Way to Achieve a Debt Free Degree?

Becoming an apprentice doesn’t have to mean turning down the opportunity to study towards a degree. Our partnership with the University of Roehampton simply means that you’ll be able to work towards that degree whilst earning money, gaining the practical skills that are so keenly sought by employers, and being supported all the way by QA – UKs leading IT training provider.


1. Get Paid to Learn

If you're dreaming of a great career but the prospect of £50,800 of average uni debt sounds scary, we have good news. As an apprentice, you'll earn a salary and pass the finish line totally debt free - armed with in - demand skills and a foot in the door at the likes of companies like ASOS, BBC, Vodafone or O2.

2. Launch into Exciting Career Prospects

Tech is the fastest-growing industry in the world, and career prospects are skyrocketing. You could work anywhere - from an edgy startup to a multinational company - in exciting roles like software developer, digital marketer or IT support technician. 92% of our apprentices complete their programmes with a job already waiting. And with average tech industry salaries at £40k, there's never been a better time to join the industry.

3. Learn in an ultra- modern blended format

At QA, we deliver our apprenticeship programmes through a blended approach to help you get the most out of your learning. You'll learn in the classroom, online and on the job - actively applying what you've learned through real work projects for your employer and building an impressive portfolio to show off your skills.

4. Find a programme that's perfect for you

At QA we're a welcoming place for techies and non- techies alike. We offer a wide range of tech apprenticeships - from IT Technician to Software Developer to Cyber Defender. But businesses aren't built on technology alone, so our Digital Marketer, Project Manager and Business Administrator Programmes will get you trained up in other super-in-demand skills.

5. Find a programme that's perfect for you

An apprenticeship doesn't mean giving up your education. With QA, you can take your learning as far as you want : to a real university degree (England and Wales) or nationally -recognised qualification (Scotland). There's also lots of career progression opportunities - if you finish your programme and are keen to keep going, you can jump up to the next apprenticeships level.

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So don't stress - get your #FutureSorted and join a community of over 10,000 QA apprentices taking their next career steps. We hope to see you on the other side.

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