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Youth Employment Showcase 2014

Amanjit Dhillion - Friday, November 28, 2014

Yesterday the Aim team attended the Youth Employment Awards UK at Chelsea Football Club. As a youth friendly employer, we found the experience both fulfilling and informative.

The Youth Employment UK ambassadors gave inspirational talks about the difficulties they faced trying to get into employment after university. And the aim team understood this difficulty, with two of the team graduating this year and facing a similar situation to the ambassadors a few months ago.

MP Chloe Smith raised an interesting point when she stated that the transition from education to employment is the hardest transition that people will have to endure in their lifetime and we agree! Many courses are not preparing young people for the work place nor are they providing them with the job specific skills they need to enter the world of employment.

The statistics on youth unemployment are shocking and with no real solution in sight, more needs to be done to fix this.

Whilst at the awards young ambassador Alexa Jane who graduated this year with a first class degree declared passionately the need for more emphasis on apprenticeships as a route into employment. She explained how an apprenticeship could possibly have been a better route for her but that route was never once given to her as an option, nor considered as an equal alternative.

She stated that “I think if I had done an apprenticeship, I would be further on in my career than I am now”.

We cannot emphasise how much this meant to us, to see another young person truly believe and understand the benefit an apprenticeship can have, especially if you are unsure on what to do as a career.

Nick Bowels MP commented that most young people “unless they know what they want to do for the next 40 years, they think they’re failing” and of course, doing a degree because you think it is your only option is the most expensive way to find out what you don’t want to do.

Apprenticeships not only give you on-the-job learning, they also equip you with a valuable skillset that you cannot gain at university unless you do a placement year.

Not knowing what to do for your career is not going to end up in failure and apprenticeships give you an option to test the water, to learn, earn and see for yourself if that particular career is for you.

Nick Bowles MP also stated that the “traditional models to help young people into employment just aren’t working anymore” and we couldn’t agree more.

The positive comments about us on the day were overwhelming with many companies and organisations stating the need for a company like Aim Apprenticeships to help young people really understand the benefits of doing an apprenticeship.

Our aim is to fully prepare young people for an apprenticeship through our easy, simple and modern website which brings all aspects of apprenticeships together. On

a fantastic and equal alternative to university.

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