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Gemma Fishel - Tuesday, September 15, 2015

As the new academic year gets under way in the next couple of weeks, it’s time to get the new pens out, dust off those notepads and refresh our writing skills. Although you may not be looking to apply for an apprenticeship till next year, the recruitment year starts EARLY. Some employers recruit throughout the year, and others only once which involved a whole process. So you better get started soon! There are only two things you need to do for you application, a CV and Cover Letter. On our AIM website we have services to help you with BOTH of these documents, to help you breeze through them.

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There are 6 sections to your CV that you need to complete, all you have to do on our CV builder is fill in the boxes and you already have one up to industry standard. Within the boxes are examples to help you with inspiration, and if you get REALLY stuck just send us a question on our web chat and we’ll be in contact to help you break through those brick walls.


Example CV Builder:



Once you get to this stage the hard work is done…tackling a cover letter is the fun part. Describing to the employer why you want a job with them and why they should hire you pretty much explains itself. With supportive infographics explaining each step you need to mention, as well as our web chat and cover letter blog you’ll have this letter finished in no time.


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Be sure to watch out for our AIM schools team at your school as we’ll be showing you all our brand new presentation and new companies we have on board as well. So try not to dread going back to school TOO much, as actually you’re just another step closer to moving on to that all important apprenticeship you want to secure…just think, it’ll be Christmas soon anyway!

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