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Wimbledon, not all about sport!

Lewis Mazdon - Thursday, July 02, 2015

Get out the strawberries and cream, it’s that time of year again when Wimbledon is upon us. With hopes that Andy Murray will continue to do us proud, inspiration is high within the sporting world and of course this includes sporting apprenticeships.

Now, ever thought about what it takes to plan an event like Wimbledon? 

Well there’s probably a lot more involved than you think…just because an event is pinpointed around one certain industry doesn’t mean there aren’t others involved within the woodwork. 

For example, in the mobile phone world, the new iPhone launches are always eagerly anticipated. Pre-orders are months long, and everyone knows about it worldwide. Now, Steve Jobs didn’t just create a new iPhone and put it on the market with no preparation in advertising. So that’s the technology industry collaborating with the business marketing and advertising world, not to mention the legal side needed for copywriters and trademarks, then you’ve got the franchises and manufacturers…the list goes on! This is the case with nearly every large corporation with their different departments all communicating with each other in order to be as successful as possible.

So back to Wimbledon, some of the additional industries involved will include:

The retail and customer services roles are important for ticket offices and merchandise shops, bar and waitressing staff for refreshment stools and restuarants, hair and beauty for the glamour side of all the celebrity guests; and HR to keep everyone in check. With the sports industry this is the most obvious link, with grass roots development of the athletes and the main effect of Wimbledon which is the level of new uptake in participation tennis recieves as a sport. Wimbledon is also famous for it’s flower beds, as well as the fresh green grass courts; of which they require the best grounds maitenance teams around. The largest contributor would be the business aspects, needed for administration of timetables, accountancy for funding budgets, marketing for advertising purposes and social media, sales for sponsorship; and project managers to ensure the whole event runs smoothly.

As you can see each of these different industries are just one cog in the big wheel that is Wimbledon, and without them all in collaboration, the two-week event wouldn’t run as smoothly as it does every year. You’ll be surprised to know that an apprenticeship is available in every single one of these participating ‘cogs’ of Wimbledon, and are all as valuable as each other.

If you think you could easily work within one of these departments within another organisation then have a look at our current vacancies as start your apprenticeship adventure with AIM. 

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