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Why you should start your career earlier…

Amanjit Dhillon - Tuesday, March 01, 2016

A lot of candidates that we get through our system are actively searching to begin their career straight out of school instead of delaying the process through University or A-Levels.

Why the rush?


We’ve been looking into why students want to kick-start their careers earlier and the benefits that comes with it…

Mapping your path

Starting from a lower-level position and working your way up within an organisation creates a better career path as your training is conducted a lot earlier and candidates are proving themselves sooner in the role. This will help pick up future jobs a lot faster.

Professional contacts

The earlier you start a full-time role, the more contacts and opportunities to network there are. In business especially, having a diverse contact network is extremely beneficial to help grow within the industry.

Time to progress faster

One of the main restrictions adults find when trying to excel in their careers are personal restrictions, e.g. family, other halves etc. At a younger age there is more time and opportunity to strive for promotions with nothing to hold you back. Not to mention reaching your dream position a lot earlier in life.

Ironing out mistakes

It’s a lot easier to make mistakes when you’re younger and acquiring various skills a long the way. Because of this, the process of overcoming mistakes and learning from them for next time is more beneficial earlier on for future jobs. Having the satisfaction of going into a new position knowing you wont make those little errors will prove favourable with your employer.

As well as the obvious reasons of being able to move out and away from home, earning a full-time salary, there are many other benefits as to why starting your career earlier is beneficial to students. Companies are actively seeking fresh talent and a new perspective for team projects, and hiring new apprentices is one of the best ways to do it.

It’s not a bad thing to want to jump right into a job, in fact we urge students to do it as they are still very much learning the whole time and acquiring more industry relevant skills that will actually improve their performance in the working world.

Sound like a win-win situation?


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