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Gemma Fishel - Tuesday, September 29, 2015

There’s a lot of emphasis and encouragement when it comes to why students should DO an apprenticeship, but we want to highlight why it’s so valuable to actually BECOME an apprentice.

As the economy continues to improve this means that the trading and business industries are also improving and growing at the same time. As a result, there is a considerable skills gap that is getting bigger and employers are favouring apprentices over university graduates as they are training on the job while working and graduates have to go through the process of being re-trained entirely.As a result the demand for industry specific skills is high on the recruitment list, which makes apprentices so much more valuable.

So here are some more reasons as to why being an apprentice is so attractive when it comes to employment…

  • From industry specific qualifications and skills this shows to employers that candidates are committed and genuinely interested in the roles they are in. Contributing to a committed workforce is something all companies want as it makes their team a lot stronger.
  • Having a young and fresh perspective on things can generate new ideas and contribute to existing projects that are important.
  • As mentioned before, bridging the skills gap to close the differences within a company’s workplaces means that there is less time and money injected into training and more into actual production.
  • Creating new opportunities and pathways to grow for candidates. The longer you’re with an employer and manage to prove yourself within an organisation the higher your chances are of a promotion in the near future.
  • A lot of companies believe that apprentices increase the quality of their workforce, increase levels of production and add value to the customer service base, as 86% of consumers prefer companies who hire apprentices.

As you can see it’s not just the roles which are prioritised to seem attractive to candidates, you yourself, will become in higher demand from employers to join their teams.

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