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Amanjit Dhillion - Friday, June 26, 2015

Here at AIM Apprenticeships we’re coming up to our 8-month birthday and we’re feeling rather proud! Now climbing the Google search pages, and also the ranks within Oxfordshire and the Thames Valley apprenticeship companies, we want to share with you why it’s important to always aim to succeed as all the hard work pays off.

Just because you’ve left or are leaving school doesn’t mean you have to stop learning. AIM Apprenticeships operates in the biggest business hubs in the Thames Valley area; and the clients we have are examples of what help stimulate the industry. In advance of our upcoming expansion, lets remember our flagship counties and the opportunities they provide candidates with to excel into their bright futures.


So lets have some examples…

This month we’ve welcomed SPAN Training and BPS World, both amazing training providers with well roundly recognised qualifications.

SPAN Training gives the opportunity to train and work in hairdressers local to you; and once you’ve completed your training the qualifications you receive are internationally recognised. Something not all providers can guarantee.

With BPS World you can become and expert in the growing recruitment world within business by joining their Rising Star programme. Popular for their successfully young teams who bring a new interactive training to people, process and technology.

Superdrug, one our most exciting clients within the retail industry…did you know that the majority of Superdrug’s management started off as customer sales advisors within retail stores? This just goes to show the quality of their apprenticeship programme, and a taste of how far you could go within the industry.

Most apprenticeship companies in the UK merely provide a platform for candidates to make their own CV, Cover letter and it’s all up to you to apply and search through the websites to find everything yourself.

Well at AIM we pride ourselves in helping you every step of the way until you secure your dream apprenticeship. Our tailored services HELP you improve your CV to a high standard, HELP you write the perfect cover letter, HELP you prepare for your final interview and HELP you land that final role…we’re here to help you succeed!

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