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Time for Pay Rise....

Gemma Fishel - Friday, October 16, 2015

As of this month, the national minimum wage for apprentices has gone up to £3.30 starting the way of making them more attractive to young people. A nice increase from the previous £2.80 but not forgetting that most employers actually pay an average between £4-£6 anyway, it’s a great first step in the right direction. Over the last year it’s become a lot for apparent that apprentices are a much more suited to fit the skills required for job roles as a result of the industry specific qualifications gained from the training, as opposed to university graduates.

Employers are encourage to pay what they believe their apprentices are worth to train for a possible future roles within the organisation, and reflecting heavily on their own training, of course they would rather pay higher than the bare minimum. Young people looking for an alternative to university will now be able to see apprenticeships as a more viable option instead of just a Plan B alternative. Apprenticeships are fast becoming the new favourite post education option for school leavers, with more secure opportunities for full-time employment afterwards than a degree can offer there’s no surprise there.

Coupled with legal protection and a lot more backing from the government, these new legislations mean than young people can start to earn a minimum of £132 for full0time hours of a 40-hour week. Remember that is the basic amount and usually it’s actually a lot more!

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