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The Truth About Apprenticeships… Busting 5 Of The Most Common Myths!

Abby Davies - Thursday, October 06, 2016

Last week it was announced that a second-wave of university tuition fee rises is on the way from September 2018, taking the amount for many courses to over £9,500 per year. It is now arguably more important than ever to consider whether university is the best path for you or if perhaps an alternative route, such as an apprenticeship, would offer you more benefits.

Despite the huge growth in the apprenticeship market, there is still a large amount of skepticism surrounding whether or not apprenticeships can be seen as a viable alternative to university education. We have found that there are a lot of misunderstandings and myths around about apprenticeship schemes and what is involved, so today we wanted to bust 5 of the most common ones and tell you how things really are!

1.“Apprenticeships are badly paid”

It is a very common myth among students that apprentices are badly paid during their training, with a study this week by Prudential also revealing that three out of four parents think this too! However, the national minimum wage for an apprentice currently stands at £3.30, which we know may not sound amazing, but many employers pay much more than this and you could actually be earning up to £200 per week!

2.“Apprentices just make the tea and coffee”

All apprenticeship schemes are real, full-time jobs. From the very beginning you’ll be involved with real-work experience alongside industry professionals who are there to help you learn and progress through your careers.

3.“Apprenticeships are only for the traditional, ‘blue-collar’ jobs”

The days of apprenticeships only being available in certain industries such as construction are long gone. You can now do an apprenticeship in a huge range of roles across over 170 different industries. Anything that you might like to do… there will most likely be an apprenticeship in it!

4.“Apprenticeships aren’t for ‘top’ students”

Many people think that apprenticeships are only for those who didn’t get into university. This is far from the truth, with an increasing number of people now choosing apprenticeships instead of applying for university in the first place! Apprenticeships are open to everyone, ranging from GCSE level up to degree level. There is something there for everybody.

5.“Apprenticeships won’t help you get a full-time job”

When you do an apprenticeship, the company is investing a lot of time and money into you, so why would they want to let you go? Research has shown that 90% of apprentices stay in employment once their scheme finishes, and a huge majority will stay with the same employer. You’ll also have gained an industry qualification, so your CV will be extremely attractive to new companies if you do choose to move.

We hope that this post has dispelled some of the myths or concerns that you may have had. Apprenticeships are a great way to earn money and gain an industry qualification all at the same time and should be considered as a viable alternative to university education.

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