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The ‘obvious’ choice doesn’t always win…

Abby Davies - Wednesday, November 09, 2016

After months of campaigning, debating and stories dominating the news, this week the United States finally voted for their 45th President… and amazingly, against all expectations and predictions, Donald Trump has been elected! Despite the odds being heavily against him, Trump has pulled off one of the most shocking victories that the world has ever seen and has truly demonstrated that sometimes the most ‘obvious’ option does not always win!

We can learn a lot of valuable lessons from Trump’s approach during his election campaign and his resulting victory. Above all, he has shown us that you do not always have to go for what you think is the ‘safest’ or most ‘obvious’ option all the time. For example, we know that when you’re at school, it can often feel like going to university is the only route that you can take to ensure that you can get a good job and have a successful future. However, the truth is that there are now lots of different routes you can take once you leave school, and no one route is ‘better’ than the other! It all depends on how you like to learn. If you like a very hands-on approach to learning and prefer to learn by doing things, then an apprenticeship might be a more suitable route for you over university education!

With university fees constantly rising, it is more important than ever to know that you are following your correct path… Don’t go with what you think is the ‘safest’ option all of the time just because other people have said so or made you think that way! If you think that an apprenticeship might suit you better, then do what the people of the United States have done, and take a risk! There are so many benefits of doing an apprenticeship… you won’t be in any debt; you’ll be earning money straight out of school or sixth form; and you’re entering the workforce straight away, so you are likely to progress up the career ladder much more quickly than a graduate that can’t join until they’re at least 21.

Trump’s victory has shown us that being and doing the unexpected can really pay off. If you’re ready to follow in the footsteps of the U.S. and take a risk, then reach out to one of our AIM Advisors today who will be happy to help you kick-start your apprenticeship journey! Create your FREE appointment today and get started.

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