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Gemma Fishel - Thursday, November 05, 2015

It’s the time of year again, among all the university and college starters for next year it’s also time to focus on apprenticeship applications too!

Between different employers we recommend researching the roles you’re interested in and considering the application times, as some will start interviewing now for next year. Depending on the role you go for the process of recruitment can vary considerably.

Some organisations will just interview candidates and others have a whole screening process to discover the skills you already have compared against the new skills generated within the apprenticeship.

With over 440,000 apprenticeship starts in the UK last year, you want to make sure that your CV and Cover Letter is at the top of the pile. On average employers will spend up to 6 seconds scanning over individual CVs, so we make sure you try and grab their attention in the first few lines of your Cover Letter. As well as the one-to-one help our numerous infographics have all the content you need to help ensure you don’t miss any key points out.

The good news is, apprenticeship applications are a lot easier to complete than the long-winded UCAS ones, and with the help of the AIM team’s support you’ll be breezing through in no time.

After signing up for a free AIM profile, we take you through simple steps to perfect your CV and then onto your apprenticeship application before you know it. We aim to help you through every step in order to get you totally ready to ace those interviews when you get there.

So make sure you get a head start and sign-up to benefit from our services today!

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