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Amanjit Dhillion - Friday, July 24, 2015

At AIM Apprenticeships we recognise the importance  of keeping up to date with how we project ourselves within the market, from the layout of our website, to the correct hash tag we use on social media posts and so on. One of the things we’re looking forward to sharing is the launch of our new website that is coming this month!

As we orientate round our tailored services we wanted to improve the accessibility from the client and candidate’s end so it’s an easier and more improved way to interact with us.

Being able to easily communicate with our viewers and explain why we do what we do is our main aim, as well as avoiding all those website bouncers that create unwanted traffic. Increasing our website ‘stickiness’ to improve our visitor browsing is a key factor that we are focusing on. Making our case study videos from past candidates a higher focal point, blogs and articles more punchy and easier to read as well as our online chat available on every page so visitors can talk to us at any time. Furthermore, the use of simple navigation, an insight to what we’re up to, to create a more informal relationship with viewers so they can absorb more of how we work as an organisation.

It’s said that within 5 seconds of viewers landing on our website they determine how our company works and what we do as a result. We don’t want to bombard our audience with statistics, impressive quotes and percentages about how amazing apprenticeships are - even though there are many - we want to portray the ease and simplicity of the process that we can provide you from using the services that AIM Apprenticeships can give…we like to make our success your success in finding what you are looking for and fulfilling it.

So all in all we’re inviting everyone to look for our new website launch, it’s going to be worth keeping an eye out for we can assure you that!

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