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Reasons why working this summer will help you!

Abby Davies - Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Thinking of getting a summer job? It will help you more than just earning some pocket money for a few months… Whether you are shadowing in an office or working on the shop floor helping customers, a summer job can significantly help to bulk our your CV and work experience. Yes finding a summer job can be difficult, but if you look hard enough they are out there to be filled.

  • Learn another skill

No matter the job role, part-time or full-time, starting a new job comes with a load of brand new skills to be developed. Even if you are going back to an old position or working in the same industry, you are sure to be adapting new skills that you didn’t have before.

  • Meet new people

Communication is such an important ability when job searching after school, nowadays interviews can be based on how well you can integrate into a team and converse with other employees. From meeting new people at your summer job, you will only grow more confident.

  • Develop interview skills

The average person is said to have 12-15 different jobs in their lifetime, which excludes the number of interviews before being successful with each role. Whether you are applying for a new college or sixth form in September, you may even need to have an interview to get in, the same as if applying for university. Having one more interview under your belt this summer gives a great opportunity to put yourself out there and ask for feedback on how you performed!

  • Beat the competition

Additional work experience and another great reference will make future job applications stand out above the rest. Don’t be fooled by the short amount of time, having extra work experience and contacts as a result means you could face less competition in the future.

  • Earn some money

The obvious reason that students look to secure a summer role, to earn some extra cash to enjoy the holidays with. It’s not always about the money though, depending on where you end up working; you may even be subject to some great freebies.

  • Learn something new about yourself

Sometimes your first choice may not actually be the best fit. Working somewhere completely new means you can gain a completely new edge to your work ethic, skills and knowledge about an industry. Part of broadening your job search is diving into new roles that you would always like to try but too unsure to apply for.

You can take summer jobs as seriously as you like, trying something fun and completely new or secure as much extra experience for your dream job in the future as you can!

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