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Positive thinking: Results day...

Amanjit Dhillion - Friday, August 07, 2015

Always look on the bright side of life… With the results day cloud looing nearer and nearer, it’s important to stay positive and look at all the possible opportunities you CAN do with your grade and not what you CAN’T do…

Positive thinking doesn’t just have an impact on how we deal with everyday issues. But also how we react and portray our thought processes when making decisions for ourselves. So we’ve written some useful tips on how looking on the brighter side of life can help benefit yourself in the workplace.

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  • Having a broader outlook on your future gives you the opportunity for BIGGER and BETTER career growth. Try not to restrict your views on what you want too early, it’s better to take opportunities as they come because they may lead to a better route than you were originally planning to take.
  • Positive thinking can also help eradicate stress. When faced with those situations that put you in difficult positions and somewhere you really do not want to be, having the ‘glass is half FULL instead of half EMPTY’ approach will increase the chance of you preferring the outcome in your favour.
  • Another, is allowing you to have a clearer focus when it comes to decision making. Similarly building your self-confidence to be able to actually choose the best suited option after weighing up the pros and cons from having a better structured approach.
  • That hated fear of failure will decrease the more and more your positive thinking increases. By looking to a brighter future, your mind won’t even notice the negative possibilities to failing. Just remember that every situation has a good a bad turn it could take…don’t focus on the bad!

These are just a few examples of how positive thinking can benefit you to having a brighter approach, there are many more! So when it comes opening that big yellow letter to see which grades you receive over the next couple of weeks, just remember it DOESN’T MATTER what you achieve at first, it’s what you decide to make of it afterwards.

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