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Job boards- where to start with apprenticeships…

Amanjit Dhillon - Wednesday, December 30, 2015

When it comes to choosing the right company or organisation to help with searching for the right apprenticeship and seeking help with the application process it’s important to know which advisers are truly looking out for the individual needs of the active candidate.


Now there are many organisations out there claiming to find the best suited role for the student, with extensive CV builders to benefit their applications and so on…but when it comes to candidates needing the so called support that is on offer to them, unfortunately that promise seems to fall short.


So how does AIM put all of our promises to fruition?


Our school engagement team has interacted face to face with over 300+ schools on a regular basis for the last year, and have found 70% of students don’t know what an apprenticeship is, let alone how to apply for one… A crazy statistic considering, there are multiple apprenticeship ‘Guides’ being handed to career advisors in every school, where numerous job boards “specialising in students looking for apprenticeships”, yet so little know where to start, aren’t actually providing the key information and support to students that they crucially need.


On the other side of the spectrum, companies are complaining about the lack of knowledge students have in schools, the quality of candidate applications being extremely low, but in order to grow on this, they simply do not have the resources and manpower to go into schools across the country presenting about their opportunities. Moreover from our research we have found that just a presentation on its own doesn’t always work to engage students enough in order to inform them enough about the equal opportunity apprenticeship can provide alongside university.


So where is the disconnect happening?


The solution- the government have introduced one of many schemes, however the one that stands out for me, The Careers and Enterprise Fund- which I agree is a fantastic start to improving career guidance within schools. However great this may be, there is still no help with applications. By that I don’t just mean CV’s, it’s the multiple different forms that companies have when applying, to allow them to easily identify appropriate candidates. This could come in the form of tests, group interviews and so on…


Everything we do at AIM is targeted to students and parents only- they are the individuals who’s lives will be changed by the fantastic opportunities available, and through our company presence, whether online or in our workbook, we will make sure the control and knowledge is placed with the KEY decision makers, for the highest chance of success.



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