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Gemma Fishel - Wednesday, August 26, 2015

  Now that AIM has got a full live year under our belts it’s been great to get some feedback from our successful candidates on our services. It’s important that we always try to satisfy our customers so they are overall please with the service that we provide. It’s always good to adapt the way we converse with candidates in a way that is more interactive for their sake, for example this was one of the main features we focused the development of our new website on. The more we are able to inform and help our candidates with their applications the more at ease they are when it comes to the interview process, not to mention the growth in their confidence when integrating into the world of work. We welcome any type of feedback, as every comment we receive will enable us to grow stronger as we expand into new areas. So here’s just a few kind words from three of our successful candidates…

Number one is our first ever BPS World candidate Sam. He is due to start in September, Sam worked with Mark from Aim Apprenticeships and was one of the first candidates to go through our 1 to 1 sessions. Here is the feedback he had to give….

“The 1 to 1 session with Mark was very useful and the personalisation was extremely helpful. The fact that they were trying to find a job for you specifically was really good! I am currently doing my exams but look forward to starting in September after the summer”.

Kit was another BPS successor, we wish him all the luck in the world as he was a pleasure to work with! Here is what he had to say….

“The best thing about working with AIM apprenticeships was that they made it so easy for me when trying to find the best Apprenticeship which would both suit and interest me! The advice I got massively helped me when making my decision and AIM were really helpful with working on my CV and the application process. Now I am looking forward to going out and earning money whilst learning new skills. My advice to people thinking about doing an Apprenticeship is to GO for it! Have a look what's out there and find something that interests you!”

Lastly is Hayley, she was sure on the direction she wanted to take to be successful but was new to the apprenticeship route. Now we’re sure she won’t ever look back!

“I knew I didn’t want to go to university but I wanted to be successful. They gave me loads of information about apprenticeships and how to make an impact with my application. I applied for job roles within QA which is also an apprenticeship provider. I was contacted and had my first interview within a week of submitting my application. I have now been working for QA for 3 months and it was the best choice in my life. With my employer I will be completing my level 3 and level 4 qualification and then going on to do my masters with them. Without the information and guidance from AIM apprenticeships I would have never even considered doing an apprenticeship.”

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