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How To Write A CV

Amanjit Dhillion - Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A CV is the first point of contact between you and potential employers. Making sure your CV stands out from the large volume of candidates applying for the same job is essential, but what do you include?

There is no model template, and each sector may require greater emphasis on certain sections of your CV, such as qualifications or work experience, but in general, your CV should be neat and clear enough for an employer to scan and understand quickly.

The AIM Apprenticeships CV builder helps keep your CV clear and easy, making sure you get your best qualities seen.

What should be included in my CV?

Personal details:

These are essential for an employer to be able to contact you. A large proportion of people get these basic details wrong, this can be from forgetting to add your name, or to type a mistake in your phone number. Make sure these are correct and AIM Apprenticeships will make sure they are clearly displayed on your CV.

Personal Statement:

This is a real chance to show ‘you’ as an individual. It’s a chance to show an employer your suitability to the job and a chance to explain the real skills you feel you hold. Keep this short and sweet. Make sure you show your commitment and enthusiasm to the job role.

Work Experience:

Any you feel is relevant, include! Whether it was a week working with your parents or a placement organised by your school at a company, an employer will want to know about this. Our CV builder will help you organise your roles; however make sure the most recent role is displayed first.


These are skills you feel are relevant to an apprenticeship. Showing how you would apply these to a new role. For example, playing a sport for a numerous amount of years shows commitment.


List all the qualifications you have, these can include any training and development you may have undertaken. This can include GCSE’s, A Levels or City and Guilds qualifications. As long as it’s an official qualification they can be included.

How to present your CV:

The AIM Apprenticeships CV builder will guarantee your CV is displayed to a professional standard, which will appeal to an employer.

Here is a list of tips to keep in mind when constructing your CV:

  • Don’t rush. Your CV is crucial; make sure you show all your best qualities and achievements that will appeal to an employer.
  • Keep it short. Don’t write paragraphs and paragraphs on why you’re perfect for the job (This is for your cover letter). Keep it short enough to read quickly.
  • Avoid making any spelling or grammatical mistakes if possible. Ask someone to proof read your finished CV.
  • Keep your experience, personal qualities and skills relevant to the industry, which you wish to carry out an apprenticeship. 
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