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Hairdressing Apprenticeships with Span Training

Gemma Fishel - Wednesday, August 12, 2015

More than just cutting hair… Just like anything that develops and progresses over time, the hairdressing industry is also evolving and changing. Breaking its barriers of simply cutting hair it’s seen more nowadays as regular necessity and, in a lot of ways, a skilled art. Keeping up with current trends of hair colours, styles and treatments, more and more money is being pumped into the hairdressing world


every single year…not to mention it’s very competitive!
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Span Training is one of our leading hair dressing clients, offering internationally recognised qualifications- which already gives candidates a leg up on starting their career- and have been providing great training for over 20 years, while being in business for even longer. Apprentices at Span will be involved in competitions, great training and support, as well as opportunities at the end of the course to stay on with the salon they’re working in.

Let’s not forget about those international qualifications, the possibilities that can come from training to be a senior stylist are endless. Hairdressers are needed on hand all day every day for celebrities to maintain their glam look. On the set of films, photo shoots, TV interviews and so on…The work learnt from hairdressing salons doesn’t always stay inside the shop doors. Another amazing tip about Span is if you already have a part time job in a salon that is close to you, they will work to try and orientate your training either remaining in that salon or at another close by, so that’s a lot more easier for you candidates!

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