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Abby Davies - Thursday, November 24, 2016

With Black Friday just around the corner, we know you’ll be looking for the best deals on offer with all kinds of different companies. The same thing happens when you’re looking for your apprenticeship – you will be searching around to find the best deal that suits you and your needs. However, we know that sometimes it can be difficult to know exactly what to consider when looking for an apprenticeship scheme, so this week we thought we’d break it down for you.

Here are some top things that you could look at when searching for your perfect apprenticeship role.

1. Industry

Of course, you’ll need to choose what sector or industry it is that you want to go into. There are apprenticeships available in over 170 industries, so there really is something there to suit everyone… from engineering, digital marketing, sales, childcare, fitness and more. Most importantly, you need to make sure that you pick something you’re genuinely interested in, as you’re going to be doing it all day every day. It might be worth thinking about things that you’ve enjoyed at school or what you think you’re good at. Always keep an open mind, as there is bound to be a tonne of areas that you’ve never even considered, but they might be perfect for you!

2. Location

Something you’ll definitely need to consider is the location of the apprenticeships. Lots are available nationwide, but some may not be, so if you don’t want to relocate or move away from home then you’ll need to limit your search to vacancies available in your local area. You can use our search tool to look for apprenticeships by location HERE.

3. Level

One of the most important things to choose is the level of apprenticeship that you’ll be doing. There are various ones available and it typically the level you’ll do will depend on what qualifications you’ve got already. Don’t worry if you’re not too sure which one suits you best, as the AIM experts are here to help you decide. Here are the main levels:

  • Intermediate – This is equivalent to 5 passes at GCSE level and is for anyone who doesn’t gain the 5 A*-C grades You can complete your functional skills (English and Science) alongside your normal apprenticeship role to help you top up.
  • Advanced – If you’ve already got your GCSE passes, you’ll most likely be looking at an advanced apprenticeship. This is equivalent to 2 passes at A Level.
  • Higher – These are the next step up for if you’ve already got your 2 A Level passes. This takes you up to an NVQ level 4 plus or a foundation degree type level.

4. Company

Finally, you’ll need to make sure that the company you’re choosing suits your needs. Both large and small companies offer apprenticeship schemes, but the daily working environment is likely to be very different in each. To get a feel for the different companies, attend a careers fair and speak to the advisors on the stands about what you can expect.

Hopefully these tips have helped to outline key things that you need to consider when hunting for the perfect apprenticeship deal for you! As always, feel free to reach out to the AIM experts if you have any questions or would like any free advice.

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