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FAKE Apprenticeships, What is happening?

Amanjit Dhillion - Monday, August 03, 2015

Eradicating fake apprenticeships is a hot topic at the moment, between apprenticeship companies, the government and obviously you candidates out there. The catalyst coming from organisations offering ‘bogus’ training plans with no benefits at the end for the apprentice. One example that has come to the public’s knowledge is a firm who was only offering only 6 days training for a whole year’s apprenticeship - when 1 day a week is the usual requirement - not to mention no official qualifications were received at the end of the contract.

Why do they do it? Unfortunately to receive the government funding as easily as possible, conveniently cover busy periods of business and ripping off employees by paying well under the minimum wage of full time work at £2.73. Now with legal protection laws coming into play for the apprentice’s benefits, it’s a relief to see the government and other companies fighting to defend candidates that are being taken advantage of. The fact that some organisations are pretending to offer ‘quality’ training to start someone’s career is disgraceful and it’s about time something was done about it.

So what IS being done about it? Well the introduction of the government’s 3 million apprenticeships in the new academic year is a start, as apprentices can be reassured the roles they’ll be applying for will be official and under legal regulations. Also, within the new summer budget that was announced by George Osbourne, the same legal protection will be offered to apprentices that graduates receive for their security within the economy. Not to mention actual prosecution for training providers that wrongly use the term ‘apprenticeship’ and potentially other fines to follow.

Although this is an appalling exploitation of apprentices and the programmes that are offered, this isn’t a majority case. A LOT of companies, training providers and organisations are offering genuine programmes and will provide candidates with the training and qualifications that they deserve in the outcome. It’s important the problem is made known, and with the support of all the articles, groups and individuals who are tackling those who are tainting the process it’ll ensure that fake apprenticeships will be wiped out. 


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