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Everything you need to know to succeed in an apprenticeship

Amanjit Dhillion - Tuesday, October 14, 2014
  • 1. Work hard (Play hard)-
    Commitment and loyalty are too main qualities that you should show in your job role. Ensure your team and colleagues that work with you, know you want to succeed and become valuable employee to make the company succeed. This will help your manager notice your potential and could result in you being rewarded, from weekly salaries/promotions to incentives.
  • 2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions-

An apprenticeship is a chance to learn, hence ‘Earn while you learn’. If you don’t understand something, or something doesn’t seem right, ask someone! An apprenticeship is the perfect time for you to ask anything you want to learn from an expert in the industry. As long as your questions are appropriate and relevant there is no harm in asking; rather it shows you willingness to learn and get things right.

  • 3. Sell yourself-

An interview is your chance to sell yourself and show an employer your potential. You need to show and explain to an employer the positive impacts you can bring to the company and show you are ready for full time employment. You want to be able to show what you have learnt from your job and the added value you have brought to the organisation along with how much you want to learn in the future.

  • 4. Be there on time and with the right appearance-

Arrange and organise your method of transport before you get the apprenticeship. You need to make sure you are on time to a job or even early. For example if you start at 10am, get there for 9.45am, allowing you time to prepare for your day. If you think you may be late, and this could be for many reasons, make sure you inform your workplace. However don’t make this a repeated occurrence!!

When it comes to your appearance make sure you have an ironed shirt, polished shoes etc. An employer will not want to keep an employee on, or hire someone who is dressed inappropriately.


  • 5. Choose an industry you enjoy-

After all the above areas, make sure you enjoy your apprenticeship. This not only will give you a great experience but also give you the greatest chance of gaining a promotion or full time employment after the scheme finishes. Enjoying a job will stimulate you to do your best at every activity you do.

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