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Abby Davies - Thursday, September 01, 2016

This year for university applicants seems to be the year the drag of university loans and debt has proven to be too much of a burden. Now that grants are being abolished and some universities are charging even more than £9,000 a year in fees, it is no wonder that students are choosing to avoid signing the debt contract.

As the launch of degree apprenticeship has taken candidates by storm, the gap between choosing university and choosing an apprenticeship is the smallest it has ever been. Fulfilling the government target of 3 million apprenticeships by 2020 is starting to look a lot more fruitful than originally thought to both employers and the applicants. Eradicating the label that apprenticeships are only vocational, degree apprenticeships and new emerging industries, such as law and accounting, have enabled a new path of academia for young people. Not only are more academic courses available, but also creative. The diversity that has enabled the apprenticeship marketing to evolve is also enabling apprentices to earn a higher wage in the long run as a result of their rich value to organisations.

Interesting research from Barclays and CEBR actually suggests that a third of university graduates feel like they should have re-thought the university route in terms of securing themselves a career. Over the last 5 years applications for Masters students has increased considerably as a result of students trying to find that ‘edge’ above the rest to stand out. Nowadays it seems to be more about how you can apply yourself and the experience for where that application comes from. The earlier candidates can seem to hold down a job and prove previous employment appears to be more favourable than the type of education. This kind of game changer opens great opportunities to those already, and soon to be, in the apprenticeship industry, providing a great security blanket to employment and a brighter future.

As a result of increasing tuition fees driving university costs, this option seems to be more and more out of reach for students as each UCAS year comes along. The emergence of Higher and Degree-level apprenticeships are on the way to being a favoured option, especially with the value they can add to businesses, the economy and to the apprentices. While university is still a good option after A-Levels, an apprenticeship can start professional careers a lot early and faster, ensure stability for at least 3-4 years, earn a salary and an education, and grow an extensive network.

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