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Gemma Fishel - Thursday, October 01, 2015

A lot of students fear applications for jobs due to the limits of grade barriers and the level of qualifications required from companies.There’s a lot of frustration around being held back on putting yourself forward for roles and not being able to prove true ability through alternative recruiting processes. It’s becoming more common that students believe the grades that they receive through exams and degree qualifications do not reflect their true levels of knowledge and skills. This coupled with A-Levels no scrapping re-sits and all exams now being at the end of the two years there’s no wonder that the younger generation are worrying about their future eligibility to be success when applying for jobs.

There’s one company that has listened and has adapted their hiring strategies in order to test the true ability of candidates in order to better their chances. Ernst and Young, a main runner in the accounting industry, have no scrapped their graduate programme, which was based on qualifications and degree grades, and will now focus more on interview performance and online tests. The main aim… so that qualifications "will no longer act as a barrier to getting a foot in the door," said Maggie Stilwell of EY.

The firm is aiming for “A more diverse workforce and pipeline for management” and by changing the way they recruit to find a wider pool of talent will prove to be a lot more beneficial for candidates and the company a like, not to mention a lot more fairer opportunities in academic as well as vocational course pathways.

Being able to introduce a whole new range of applicants will create the chance to find new talent, have a stronger contribution to the workforce and production, as well as brand new ideas and idea generation when it comes to new and existing projects.

It seems like a good choice to us, and a great chance for apprentices to break into the accounting industry alike.

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