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Confidence is not something that can be learnt, it needs to be built up

Lewis Mazdon - Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Confidence is not something that can be learnt, it needs to be built up and strengthened and developed within your own mind-set. When breaching into the working world, confidence is key in order to believe in your own decision making, having your own assurance that you know what you’re doing within your role and the ability of your skill set, not to mention the more confidence you have the more you can push yourself to succeed further.

The art of positive thinking can do wonders both for your working skills and your personal skills. For example, being able to improve your interpersonal and communication skills are two vital attributes that are highly desired in the Business industry. With the saying “It’s all about who you know”, this optimises the ability to network and converse with other colleagues, companies and industries.

There are many ways you can aim to boost your confidence; here are a few of them:

  • Become more of a ‘the glass if half full’ kind of person instead of ‘the glass is half empty’…in other words always look on the bright side, and see the positives in a situation.
  • Don’t be so easily defeated, if something doesn’t work the first time around that’s okay. Take a step back, re-evaluate the situation and come up with another solution that works for you.
  • Learn to compromise. When you think you’re in a lose, lose situation find some middle ground that everyone would be happy with. You’ll be surprised how less stressed you’ll be!
  • Learn your strengths and weaknesses, if you can improve the areas you’re weaker in then you’ll be able to move on to hard and more challenging things a lot more quickly.
  • Most importantly, we all make mistakes…and it’s OK! Not everyone in the world is perfect; and one of the most valuable ways to learn is by making mistakes, learning from them and then improving from it.

One of the main aspects of an apprenticeship is the learning side, and developing your skills, your independence and your CONFIDENCE. As you move up the levels and into your career path, you’ll be amazed how much you grow as a person. Apply Today

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