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Avoiding interview nightmares…

Abby Davies - Tuesday, May 17, 2016

It’s getting close to summer which means interview season for apprenticeships is COMING. The whole process can be nerve-wracking as it is so we thought we would highlight the main interview bugbears the be aware of…


Being early earns you points.

Now we don’t mean so early that you’re there before your employer is even in the building but a good 15 minutes will prove to your hopeful boss that you’re a well-mannered, punctual candidate and you won’t be late in the mornings for work!

Dress to impress.

Apply for an apprenticeship is the start of your professional career, so you need to dress professionally.
No jeans, no trainers, and no hoodies!
Keeping it classic is key; you can’t go wrong with a simple suit, or shirt and trousers.

Suppress your nervous habits.

We all express our nerves in different ways, some being a lot more noticeable than others. Whether your shaky, stuttering or the kind to be sipping at their glass of water every two seconds, our secret is to practice. Ask someone you know to walk through some basic interview questions before hand so you can’t be caught off-guard and you’re prepared.


One of the main pet-hates that employers face when interviewing candidates is when they literally know nothing about the role and the organisation. Every company has an ‘About Us’ section on their website, make sure you read through hit, and impress with a fact or statement to prove you’re really interested in the role you’re applying for,

Selective support.

Bringing someone to support you on this important day is a great idea, but make sure you bring someone who will keep you calm and collected. It doesn’t look very good if you’re sat in the waiting room with your best friend panicking about what questions you’re going to be asked! Leave them in the café close by so when you come out of the interviewing room a familiar face can greet you.



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