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Apprenticeships are IN!

Amanjit Dhillon - Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Following the biggest National Apprenticeships Week to date, so many organisations are coming out of the woodwork announcing their brand new apprenticeship plans and it’s getting us excited for the future.

Now companies are getting a hold of new apprenticeship structures and designing their own to benefit their processes, even more, even better, programmes are being released for the next intake. Both small and larger businesses alike are coming forward with new releases, giving graduates a real run for their money when it comes to recruiting the new generation.

With one of the most well known automotive companies, Jaguar Land Rover, recently announcing their plans to recruit more apprentices, increasing to over 600 a year. Similarly with telecoms provider- BT, creating 1,000 new graduate and apprenticeship roles for this academic year. This acts as a huge recruitment boost for the UK economy, developing new skills for young people integrating into the working environment to ensure their preparation and durability within industries.

Furthermore, with the up on degree-level apprenticeships, more and more students are undertaking the opportunity to gain their ‘university status’ qualification via a more practical career path. A lot of students feel that university education cannot always provide the real-life application of a job in the workplace, but with the simultaneous training and education of being a Level 7 degree apprentice, they receive the best of both worlds.

“Apprenticeships are a fast-track route in to the workplace, and can take you almost anywhere, even offering the chance to gain a degree on the job.” 


The future of most industries- particularly technological and mechanical fields- lies in career pathways that focus on young people gaining the skills and support needed to progress effectively and efficiently…something that required practise as well as academia, embodied through apprenticeship training. There are a wide range of fantastic routes and alternatives available, which benefit candidates and the employers alike, increasing the chances of success for both parties.

We encourage every student our Schools Team meets to consider the right route for them, not just what we know the most information about. But with every new school we visit we’re recognising how apprenticeships are becoming more widely application to varied skills, interests and choices of students around the country. Most certainly a change for the better!


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