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Apprenticeship promises, Labour vs Conservative!

Amanjit Dhillion - Thursday, February 19, 2015

In case you haven't seen it plastered all over the news recently, Ed Miliband, the Labour Party Leader has pledged to create 80'000 more high-quality apprenticeships a year. He announced that every school leaver who gets the grades will be given the opportunity to get onto a high-quality apprenticeship scheme. The schemes themselves would be level 3 qualifications (equivalent to two A-levels) or above and last for a minimum of two years and cater for new job starters. 

So, you might be wondering how he plans to fund this. Ed said that Labour would allocate £44 million a year from their 'new jobs guarantee' to help pay towards the schemes. Companies who are also bidding for large contracts with the government (e.g. building government buildings, hospitals, railroads etc.) would be required by the government to offer apprenticeships. Large firms would also be expected to collectively create 100'000 apprenticeships over Labours Parliament (if they're voted in) opposed to hiring skilled workers outside of the European Union. 

The reason for this pledge is because Labour believes that high-quality training and higher wages are key to improving growth and productivity in the UK.

Ed Miliband was quoted in the Guardian during his visit to Jaguar Landrover stating, "Our plan is based on the idea that it is only when Britain's working families succeed that Britain succeeds. Not the old idea that it is only from the top down that wealth flows. And it is only our plan that recognises that every person in every sector of the economy is a wealth creator".

He then went on to say that, "it is time to match the aspirations of our young people with the high quality apprenticeships they deserve... So, under the next Labour government, if you get the grades at 18 you will be guaranteed an apprenticeship. That is what I mean by a better plan for working people, a better plan for Britain".

The only thing that might be an issue is that this scheme is to be created for people leaving Sixth Form or College with a level 3 qualification or higher. It will not be necessarily viable for those coming out of school with just GCSE's.

On the other hand the current Conservative government has already promised to create 3 million more apprenticeships by 2020 and they seem to be fulfilling this promise so far.

Apprenticeships have been around for longer than most of us, with them celebrating their 100th year in December last year. It is more apparent now than ever that on-the-job training, paired with a qualification is vital in securing a job and apprenticeships offer just that.

Whichever party gets voted into power this year, one thing is for sure, apprenticeships are only set to grow making all of your futures ones of endless opportunities, pioneering the way for vocational education!

If you're thinking of an apprenticeship or you'd like to know more, why not create a profile with us today and start your journey. 
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