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Apprenticeship Assessment Centres, what to expect…

Abby Davies - Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Assessment centres is a common recruitment tool that employers use to select certain criteria from their candidate pool in order to meet the employee requirements of their organisation.

Sometimes dependant on the level of apprenticeship that you are applying for, assessment centres usually consist of some tests to test certain academic capabilities. Don’t worry, these are usually pretty straight forward, and split into subcategories: Psychometric, Numerical, Personality and Verbal tests are the main topics to come across.

The main tips for tackling these tests are similar to how you approach any preparation for exams.

  • Take your time and read the questions carefully, you won’t be penalised for thinking about your answer before delivering it.
  • Although you may not be able to revise for specific topics of the tests, like you can in school, research some example questions and it will help you to be more prepared.
  • Pay attention to detail and key words within the questions. Quite often the tests are a lot simpler than you think! If you think an answer is too easy, most of the time you are not wrong.

Although they can seem to be rather daunting, don’t let assessment centres put you off!

There are a lot of positives to attending an assessment centre as it allows candidates to make a great first impression and show a deeper interest in the apprenticeship that you are applying for. They are one of the fairest ways to judge candidates in a more personal way, and is a good chance for candidates to back up any important information they have included in their application.

Everybody is different when it comes to showing off your key skills and personality characteristics. Employers often look to see how candidates get on with others in a team-orientated environment at assessment centres, as this is a crucial aspect of any career. Group activities are a great opportunity to prove your leadership, teamwork and organisational skills. Whereas the tests provide an alternative to showcase analytical, processing and thinking skills, both are as important as each other!

It is important to remember that assessment centres are not dissimilar to interviews, if anything they are just the same but on a larger scale. So prepare just like you would for an interview, research the background of the organisation you are applying for, it will look impressive in front of the other candidates. The days require your full attention; you never know some key information may be given to help you pass with a better score. Remember the content you include in your application and also the specification on the apprenticeship you have applied for. If the company desires great literacy and an outgoing personality then make it clear you posses all of those qualities in person.

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