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Amanjit Dhillon - Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Ever thought about what it would be like as an apprentice for the day? Lots of students have misconceptions about what it’s really like to work as an apprentice compared to the reality, so we’ve mapped out a typical day for you!

Start your day arriving prompt and on time ready for a team brief, either with just your department or the whole organisation depending on the size of the company.

In the morning once the daily tasks have been allocated to each team member, your day can finally start.

Throughout the day you’ll be conversing with numerous team members and other departments to keep everything up-to-date and to ensure tasks are flowing smoothly and efficiently.You’ll be in charge or managing and maintaining your responsibilities to make sure they are completed by the end of the day, all while reporting back to your manager.

When the day is finished either via a brief team meeting or just a catch up with your boss, it’s time to feedback how the day went and how you feel you performed on your daily tasks.

A lot of candidates are pleasantly surprised to find out that the level of responsibility they receive while doing an apprenticeship is a lot higher than they first expected. Just like in a normal day-to-day job, apprentices are expected to take care of themselves and others within the workplace and to be treated just like any other employee. It’s important to co-operate with management on a daily basis while working through your tasks for both health and safety and general feedback reasons.

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We always encourages candidates to consider apprenticeships if they aren’t taken to further education as it resembles a working career perfectly.If you want to find out more what it’s like doing a real apprenticeship roles be sure to take a look on our ‘Why Apprenticeships?’ page to hear from past candidates themselves as to why they chose this route over university and further education…


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