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Amanjit Dhillon - Monday, May 02, 2016

With the end of the academic year edging closer, it’ll be the summer before we know it. Irrespective of this, applications for apprenticeships are still open and we’re urging students not to give up looking for alternatives for next year as companies are still taking on places for starts later on this year and next year!

Different companies recruit their apprentices at different times of the year, with quite a few hiring throughout the whole year regardless. Students will be surprised to know that apprenticeship recruitment and applications are a lot more flexible than applying for A-Levels and university.

With a high focus on seeking candidates with the ability and willing to learn and acquire new skills, companies offering apprenticeships are continuously looking for students to join their workforce.

Especially with new requirements that are being introduced with the new levy next April, at least 2.3% of every workforce now has to be apprentices. This means that officials are actively seeking to fill more roles with aspiring apprentices, which means even more opportunities will be open for application.

With more partnerships and organisations on board than ever, now is a great time to be looking into other options and applying for relevant apprenticeships while it’s quieter during exam season.


How do we make it easy to know what you can still apply for?


All of the vacancies that are live on our website clearly state the closing dates of the roles, and most of the time they are all still available to apply for anyway! To make it even easier, using our new search tool to search for vacancies via your postcode, narrows down the apprenticeships that are in the location you’re looking for.

To find out more, make an appointment with our AIM Advisors, and get started with a FREE AIM Application.


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