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University...Is it the right decision?

Amanjit Dhillon - Monday, December 21, 2015

Making the right decision for our future at such a young age is a big pressure to have while students are still in compulsory education. Whether it’s choosing between college, university or an apprenticeship the uncertainty of whether you’ve made the right decision is always looming.



While, of course, it takes a lot of careful consideration, and many short-fused chats with mum, dad and relevant career advisers, unless you’ve always known with path was right for you, a lot of students are never completely satisfied with their decision without experiencing it.

One of the biggest turning points of making the wrong decision is the rate of students who drop out of university. Back in 2013 over 32,000 students decided it wasn’t for them, after already attending, and a further 7,500 changed university because they weren’t happy with their choice. What was really surprising was that nearly 25,000 were out of higher education all together as they weren’t getting that practical work experience and hands-on learning that is so valued by employers.


The Complete University Guide release some statistics which breakdown the reasons and levels of university dropouts over the years…


  • Women were less likely to quit after a year than men by over 2%.
  • International students retained the highest levels of staying at university with only 5.5% quitting.
  • Subject analyse showed that more practical subject such as computer science and engineering had the highest level of dropout rates compared to those more compulsory to a degree like medicine.


Stepping away from the statistics of the matter, there are other reasons for students leaving university…


A lot of older teenagers are blindsided by the social aspect and realise that when they start their degree courses they’ve in fact lost interest, or are totally disconnected from learning that subject in the first place. This results in many changing course and having to spend another year in their first year, or leaving and changing to another university.You’d be surprised by the amount of students who miss the comforts of home a little too much and decide that living alone so soon isn’t for them.


At AIM, we encourage students to make the right decision for them whatever it is and even if students just have a few questions about apprenticeships and their alternative options, we’ll be happy to see that they’re considering all the different routes that can journey them to a successful career.



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