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5 people who kicked university to the curb and still made millions!

Amanjit Dhillion - Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Think you have to go to university to become a millionaire? Read this blog to find out about 5 people who kicked university to the curb and still made millions.. 

1.       Steve Jobs – Yes, that’s right the founder of Apple, NeXT computer and Pixar dropped out of university after just 6 months because of the financial strain it put on his parents. You can watch Steve Jobs inspirational graduation speech here and why he decided university wasn’t for him.

2.       Alan Sugar – Despite the fact that he has two honorary doctorates from universities, Sir Alan Sugar did not actually go to university. The London-born business man  left school at 16 and started selling electrical bits and bobs from a van and eventually went on to found his business and is now worth 900million

3.       Richard Branson – One of Britain’s richest men didn’t bother with education, he left school at the young age of 16 and decided to start his own business. He now owns various businesses operating under the name of Virgin and a private island! Most people know him best for his aeroplanes and trains. 

4.       Sara Blakey – The owner of Spanx, who’s been helping women look fabulous for years did actually go to university but when she applied for law school to further her career, she wasn’t accepted as she failed the entrance test! She then worked at Disneyworld Orlando for 3 months and then sold fax machines door-to-door until she invented Spanx. Sara is now worth an estimated 1 billion and was said to be the 93rd most powerful woman in the world. 

5.       Lilane Bettencourt – Lilane actually inherited L’oreal from her father. Although, at the age of just 15 she opted out of school and joined her father’s company as an apprentice, mixing cosmetics and labelling bottles of shampoo. The company is now worth 20 billion.

Do you still think you need university to get far? These five people have proved that even when the odds are against you, there’s nothing that hard work cannot achieve. If you feel like university isn’t for you and you prefer to get stuck in, why not consider our apprenticeships? Join us free today and let us help you fulfil your potential.

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