Apprenticeships made easy, all you need to know in one place!

The apprenticeship market is growing year on year and we strongly believe that it is a viable alternative to university education - yet people’s knowledge of the schemes on offer is comparatively low. Here at AIM we intend to increase the exposure of these fantastic opportunities, which benefit the companies and apprentices alike.

AIM Apprenticeships has designed an exclusive platform focused on making it easy for applicants to find and apply to apprenticeships local to them. With our guide and supportive website this provides the perfect opportunity for companies to put their apprenticeships in front of 400,000 students across England.

Our exclusive advice centre, online live chat and 1-2-1 telephone helpline, we offer unrivalled support to applicants to ensure they understand the roles available and are ready to take on the working environment.

We are currently focusing on over 2000 schools NATIONWIDE! 


We work closely with all companies in your area who are offering great apprenticeship opportunites. Our website platform provides: 

  • Nationwide applicants are able to find details of a variety of apprenticeships on offer in your area. 
  • Our website and mobile platforms provide an easy to use but sophisticated online search which provides an established platform of support. 
  • You can identify a preferred apprenticeship for you and we will support you through the application process.
  • Our new 'guide' will be handed out during school visits ensuring you have all the apprenticeship information at your finger tips. 

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We are working with lots of organisations to fulfill their apprenticeship marketing needs:
  • Direct employers can choose from a range of services:  
  • Job advertising with the ability to add filter questions and an easy system to see who has applied.
  • Company profiles to create exposure for companies and the apprenticeship opportunities they offer.
  • Opportunites to market within our 'guide' distributed to the hands of 400,000 students. 
  • Live chat available for all questions you may have. 
  • Platform with 1000's students ready to apply today! 

Packages we offer

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