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EY Degree Apprenticeship in Digital and Technology Solutions - UKI - London

EY Degree Apprenticeship in Digital and Technology Solutions - UKI - London

  • Location : London
  • Wage £414 (per week)
  • Apprenticeship level : Higher
  • Start date :
  • Closing date : 30/06/18
  • Working Week: Monday to Friday
  • Hours Per Week: tbc

Role Details


Technology at EY

Advances in technology are fundamentally changing the way the world works. Today's businesses, government and individuals are responding to shifts that would have seemed unimaginable even a few years ago.

Technology is integral to the success of virtually all organisations and drives some of the biggest challenges and decisions businesses need to make. At EY, technology is embedded in the solutions and services we provide to our clients and underpins everything that we do.

EY will give you unrivalled experiences and insights to allow you to specialise your expertise as you develop your career across a range of clients.

As part of this apprenticeship you will progress your career faster than your peers who chose to go to university. At the end of the programme you will be a graduate with a BSc Degree in either Digital and Technology solutions or BSc in Digital Innovation depending on the service line you work in, alongside three to fouryears of practical experience. You will also have built a fantastic network of people who will mentor you to ensure you reach your potential.

You will get early exposure to influential people ranging from CIO’s, CFO’s and other members of the client’s team. You will build relationships with these people who will share their experiences with you.

Become an apprentice in Digital Innovation

You will have the opportunity to work within one of our market leading service lines; Assurance, Tax, People Advisory Services, Consulting or Transactions – offering you the opportunity to start your career straight from school in a fast-paced rewarding job that develops practical and in-demand technical skills, preparing you for a career working on leading projects within the business world.

You will be part of an exciting new growth area at EY and the types of work you can expect to become involved in will be:

  • Data Analysis & visualisation- Design and build data solutions to provide analysis on large data sets, providing insight to share with clients and EY specialist teams
  • Problem solving- Working collaboratively with EY/client teams to solve problems using a host of technologies and techniques. These may relate to improving the supply chain for consumer goods, or automation of processes within the service line you work in.
  • Gain experience indesigning and prototyping emerging technologysolutions
  • Checking theaccuracyof our clients financial statements, as well as helping clients deal with complex issues of fraud, regulatory compliance and business

Future Prospects

Address :

London, SE1

Skills Required :

To qualify for the role you must have:

Be able to work independently and part of a team
Good organisation skills
Professional attitude
Hard working
Ideally, you’ll also have:

Good school grades in Maths and English
Taken part in extra-curricular interests to demonstrate your skills

Qualification(s) Required :

If you are currently at school/college, you must be completing 3 A levels, 5 Highers or equivalent qualifications, in advance of the programme start date in September 2018. If you are now working, you must have attained 3 A levels, 5 Highers or equivalent qualifications.


Learning Provider :

Occupation Type :

Job Role :

Expected Duration: 4 Years

Training Provided
You will spend 80% of your time working at EY and 20% of your time over 4 years studying towards a BSc degree, within Tax, Assurance, People Advisory services and Transactions. You will study with other apprentices at QA and receive an accredited degree from Roehampton University in Digital and Technology Solutions. Within our Consulting service line, you will study towards a degree in Digital Innovation at ADA- National College for Digital Skills. You will build on these skills in our teams with our clients in between your block release sessions.

Company Description

Company : EY
Company Website :

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