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want to know what businesses are looking for in candidates? Looking for insight into a FTSE 100 company? At our Skills for success week, our recruitment, business and engineering experts will show you how we deliver billions of litres of water to people every day and share the experience from being on the other side of the interview table.


The main objectives and activity within each day are:  


Monday – welcome and introduction to the week. We transport our students to the beautiful backdrop of Draycote Water (for the Coventry week) or Carsington Water (for the Derby week) to provide a relaxing and interesting setting. Key objective is to get to know us and each other and to start our week by reviewing their applications to the programme. We do this so the week has a cyclic journey because at the end of the week they should have all the skills and knowledge to produce great application responses.

Tuesday – the first day in the office environment which is obviously more formal and for those not used to the world of work this proved really beneficial last year. The day will be busy with visits from colleagues around our business to give interactive sessions into how Severn Trent works, what goes into running a FTSE 100 business and how we differ from other companies. Likewise it gives a good feel for the jobs we have at ST. On Tuesday we’ll have visits from our CEO, our HR Director and the students will have chance to meet some of our current apprentices and grads too.



Wednesday – this day is about building the understanding of the application process and what companies like us are looking for. We review what skills, experience and behaviours are and then look at the skills, exp and behaviours that a collection of famous people have including politicians, sports stars, music stars, entrepreneurs etc. Building on what they learned Tuesday we’ll then think about Severn Trent roles and our apprentice schemes and think about what those roles require (and hence what we look for). The day also includes chance to look at great presenting styles and chance to practice presenting in small groups to help the presenting task on Thursday.

Thursday – Thursday is all about practising the assessment centre which many companies, including us, use to recruit apprentices. Of course within it there will be interviews, presentations and group activities so covers all bases. The morning will be a practice run through with the afternoon used to look back at what went well, and what lessons we’ve learned.

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Friday – Friday morning we practice interviews specifically with some guests joining us to do some role playing. This was great fun last year and helps us to understand some of the do’s and don’ts. 

It’s an unpaid week with us at either the Coventry or Derby office, we will obviously support some travel expenses if needed. Food and refreshments are covered for lunch and breaks. The week is to provide an intro to the world of work and application skills

At our Skills for Success week, we’ll show you what it takes to supercharge your skills and turn them into something life-changing. From application masterclasses to expert mentoring, insider business tips to our immersive assessment centre, discover the tools and knowledge you need to make a successful start to your career. 


We are Severn Trent and we do something vital. Together we make everyday life possible, working with the environment and bringing a clean water supply to millions of homes and businesses, across the UK.

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