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- Friday, December 05, 2014


Did you know that statistically only 10% of applicants on average make it through to the interview stage? But don’t let that scare you. If you’ve been invited for an interview you have got something that the employer values, so make sure you prepare!

What you need to do: research the company, find out who their competitors are and make sure you’re clued up on the latest news within the industry and why you want to work for them. All of this shows that you’re interested and that you want that apprenticeship!


This is a tough one and in our opinion it’s always better to dress smart than dress down. Remember, you’re there to present yourself as a professional who’s ready for employment, so if you turn up in jeans and a baggy t-shirt it doesn’t make a good first impression.

What you need to do: Avoid anything too casual. For boys, either wear a suit or a shirt, tie and suit trousers. For girls, we suggest a smart dress or skirt and shirt/blouse. Also, DON’T over gel your hair, spray on too much aftershave/perfume or turn up with ‘night-out’ make-up. It’s all about first impressions!


People often get so carried away researching the company that they completely forget the ins and outs of the job they’re applying for. Although it is important to know about the company, give yourself enough time to also go over the job specification to see exactly what you would be doing in the role.

What you need to do: Read over the job/person specification and think of an example of how you possess this skill and an example of how you’ve used it. For example, the job specification outlines that you will be working in a team. You would give an example at school/college where you have had to work in a team and how you went about this. Know what the job is and why you want it!


We know it’s easier said than done but remember, you’re still young, so they’re not expecting you to list off your unbeatable knowledge about the industry/company you’re applying for. It’s also okay to take a few moments to think of your answer after they’ve asked the question or to ask them to repeat it, most interviewers prefer a well thought out concise answer opposed to an endless list of mumbling and umms and errs.

What you need to do: Remember you’re also interviewing them, think of some questions you can ask at the end to find out what you need to know. Look up possible interview questions to see what could come up and prepare answers so you’re not stuck on the day. And don’t be afraid to ask for a few seconds to think of your answer, the more precise and to the point, the better the answer.


Many people are so relieved when the interviews over that they forget to leave a lasting impression. Before you jump out your seat and run off make sure you’ve had a chance to ask all the questions you want and that you thank the interviewer at the end.

What you need to do: Always shake their hand before leaving and make good eye contact, this shows you’re professional and courteous. After the interview if you have the companies contact details, send a follow up email, thanking them for speaking with you and expressing your further interest in the role. This lets them know that you’re passionate and eager to get the job. 

We hope our top tips help you ace any future interviews and if you’re looking for an apprenticeship and you’re not sure where to start, we can help! Create a free profile today and use our helpful CV builder to create an industry standards CV and START APPLYING! 

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